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Heriot Wado-Kai Karate Club is a member of the Scottish Karate Federation (SKF) which is affiliated to the Scottish Karate Governing Body (SKGB). All classes are run by qualified instructors whose main aim is to teach Karate, one of the most popular martial arts, with emphasis on fitness and discipline while promoting self confidence in a safe and enjoyable environment.


Thursdays: The Beacon, Gorebridge

Juniors (p1-p7) 18:30 to 19:30
Seniors 19:30 to 21:00

Saturdays: Newbattle Community Campus

Juniors (p1-p7) 11:30 to 12:30


£30/month for all classes, £25/month for one class a week

Club Membership/Licence

A one-off fee of £50 for Juniors (£60 for Seniors), this covers the cost of your initial SKF Licence valid for a year, plus a Karate Suite (Gi) and a pair of Hand Pads (red or blue).

Membership is encouraged on or before the fourth class

Class Details

Classes tend to consist of a Warm up, and a mixture of the following: Basic techniques (Kihon), Forms (Kata) and Sparring (Kumite) followed by a cool down. The junior classes (and sometimes the seniors too) also play various games which aim to aid their development.

Further Information

To maximise safety, students are not allowed to fight without hand pads (although a gum shield is also recommended). Further equipment such as shin/instep guard can also be purchased which would be advisable for competitions.

If you see yourself competing regularly the purchase of a Red and Blue belt would also be of benefit.

(The club can supply all of the above at a very good rate - please ask for more details).

Competitions are held regularly at Club, National and International levels for both fighting (Kumite) and form (Kata).


The Juniors system consists of 7 belts: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple and brown. The senior system (kyu) is extended by two further brown belts then on to Black.

Students naturally progress at diferent rates depending on age, aptitude and ability. The club holds gradings approximately 2-3 times a year.

Grading Fees : Juniors (under 16) - £14, Seniors (over 16) - £17. This includes a new belt if necessary.

Contact Details

If you need any more information feel free to contact me. Paul Connor mob: 07989 427 390, email: paul.connor.hwl@btinternet.com